I do

create something great

Design with  Purpose

Graphic Design, Motion Design & Multi-Screen Prototyping

Design, combined with technology, awakens curiosity to explore the unknown and learn new ways to improve the simple joys in daily life.

Visual Design

Let's mix physical and digital art to make it emotional & catchy. I love to make a Brand Identity, Illustration, Hand drawing.

Motion Design

Let's create an awesome brief together. I do Storyboard, Motion graphics and postproduction.


Let's leave the Arduino to the developers, and I will prototype an interactive multi-screen in ProtoPie.

Recent Work

Senior Visual Designer

Huawei Milan Aesthetics Research Center, Current
Creation of visual concepts and motion graphics for all Huawei digital products on a global level. Focus on a digital interface, artificial intelligence design, automotive HMI, ambient and exterior lighting solutions.

Digital Business Integration Consultant

Accenture, Milan 2016-2018
Responsible for creating digital products for desktop and mobile devices for large companies.
Participate in interdisciplinary collaborative design workshops with clients.

Senior Interaction & Visual Designer

THINGS, Milan 2013-2016
Focus on digital product design for desktop and mobile international brands. Coordinating a team of designers and developers. Support the research and testing team by preparing a summary of the results and sharing it with clients.

Visual & Motion Graphic Designer

MIT Design lab, Cambridge, MA 2014-2015
Creation of animated graphics and still graphics for show narration.

Some interesting facts...

2 masters degree,

in love with cheesecake,

5 series of gifs inspired by my cat,

7 countries I work with.

Bonny Projects

Motion Design

From empathy  to guided experience in motion.

Development of prototypes and motion graphics for digital touchpoints.

Branding & Web design

Building a brand: a strong digital presence matter.

Collaboration with Wings team to develop a meaningful design language.

Storuboard & Motion Design

Stage motion graphics for MIT & Eni collaboration.

Motion graphics for stage presentations and exhibitions.

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